A professional photographer since 1998, Lyndsey has developed a keen sense of composition and light in her art. Her imagery is arresting: her work is layered with subtle nuances informed by her mastery of illumination and mood. Over the last ten years, she has worked with hundreds of clients and artists. When you collaborate on your next project with Lyndsey, you can expect the result to be anything but ordinary. She approaches every assignment the way she crafts her own images- with organization, punctuality, structure and a keen ability to bring out the truth in her subjects. Whether in the studio or on location, her artistry is matched only by her confidence. She is technically sharp and quick to make the mundane brilliant.

Her attitude is honest- this trait translates immediately to her images. Lyndsey's blunt style reveals the true nature of her subjects. They feel at once accessible and somehow familiar, while still retaining layers of meanings and interpretations.

Lyndsey Hawkins was born in Belleville, New Jersey in 1975. As a child she felt different from her peers in the school system - who are we kidding - in the world. Images, however, came easily for her. As early as sixteen years of age she began to shoot herself and her girlfriend, Hannah, with her Pentax k1000. Soon thereafter, she began experimenting with light. Lyndsey now lives in San Francisco, and continues to take compelling images which express a colorful, playful side, which truly reflect her spirit.

Lyndsey obtained her BFA in photography at the Parsons School of Design in New York, and her BA in Arts in Context, Cultural Studies and Writing at Eugene Lang College in New York. Lyndsey's photography is fun and conceptually brilliant.

Best of show 1998 MOMA

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